For any initiation to start and objectives to be met, there is always a group of people who are constantly working and giving ideas into forms that can be explored. In this association, it is the Ad Hoc Committee. Officially, started on 29th December, 2018 on the annual event of Alumni Day and Dinner, the team has been constantly carrying out meetings to discuss how to regulate things in the association and how to bring the next wave of change and a structure that can stay intact even if they are no longer a part of the association.

It started from 9 members on 2018 and from that point on there have been changes in the participants throughout the years. All the works done by the alumni done at the moment have been discussed and approved by the committee where there is a lot of discussions done to make sure all the events are effective as possible.


Anuj Man Bajracharya

I.Sc. ’99

Ad Hoc Member

A computer engineer who is dedicated to his field, he has been providing insights and directions to the association’s methods even before the official ad hoc formation in 2018. He has been assisting and giving feedback to carry the objectives through various activities and making sure that the organization stays active and true to its spirit.

Dipsal Timila

I.Sc. ’00

Ad Hoc Member

A Consultant Paediatrician, in Gan Regional Hospital, Ministry of Health, Laamu atoll, Maldives, he has been one of the important members of the ad hoc committee. His continuous provides intellectual suggestions and makes his involvement in doing different impactful events within the college premises.

Deepak Sundar Shrestha

I.Sc. ’01

Ad Hoc Member

The President of Richa Bajimaya Foundation, an NGO dedicated to fighting cancer and currently a doctor at Suvekchya Hospital, he has been the official part of the ad hoc committee since 2018. He and his foundation have done a lot of collaborations with the alumni in the past for the greater good of the community.

Pratik Sharma Lamichhane

B.S.W. ’08

Ad Hoc Member

A faculty member at Department of Social Work, Tribhuvan University, he has given a significant contribution to the association despite being a recent member to the committee. He is always coming up with new ideas, providing feedback in creating structure and making connections among the alumni in order to grow the network as much as possible.

Alok Shrestha

Plus Two ‘011/B.Sc.CSIT ‘013

Ad Hoc Member

A Data Analyst by profession, he is the key person in making the association stand where it is at the moment. Being the part of the Alumni Committee since 2013, he has made sure that the association stays as structured as possible. Even to this day, his presence is extremely important and his name is all too familiar for anyone who has been with sxcalumni for a while.

Anupa Budhathoki

Plus Two ‘013/B.Sc. MB ‘015

Ad Hoc Member

Currently a student in Masters of Microbiology in St. Xavier’s College Maitighar, she has been a part of the alumni since 2015, continuously dedicating her time and effort to the organization. Her contribution to volunteering and organizing various events, providing creative ideas and suggestions have been a very crucial asset for the association to date.

Diya Prajapati

Plus Two ‘016

Ad Hoc Member

A student in Bachelor’s in Microbiology, she has been the part of the alumni after graduating plus two in 2018. She also has been volunteering and organizing different events like the annual SXC Alumni Day and Dinner, Sports Meet, Hikes, and many more activities that the association has been carrying out in the past and the present.

Sampada Dahal

Plus Two ‘013

Ad Hoc Member

A client service executive at Blitz Media Pvt. Ltd., she was also the official part of the adhoc since 2018. But her contribution goes way back as she also has been constantly volunteering, organizing in making events happen as well as displaying her talents on various occasions and events, providing opinions on the betterment of the alumni.

Prinsa Ghimire

Plus Two ‘015

Office Assistant

A Bachelor in Computer Science student at St. Xavier’s College, she has been working as the office assistant and representative to the association. She has been helping the association gain further stability and structure through management, keeping records and reports of the workflow of the alumni.