As an alumnus/alumna, you can contribute in one of the various ways:


If you write or perform art (drawing, photos, stage) or anything creative that you could contribute for our website, please email us your creations.

Business and Initiatives

If you have any initiative or business, please fill the form here. We will share it with our network.

Alumni groups and Alumni Representatives

If there are any groups or forums of alumni of specific batch and faculty already in existence or if you want to act as a representative, please let us know.

Register/Update your details

If you haven’t registered then register your details in this page or if already registered then periodically update the details at this page, once a year recommended.

Be a part of the Association

If you want to contribute to the association and its cause, you can be a part of it either as an advisor, contributor, volunteer. Please if you are interested contact us.

Share your Memories and Experiences

If you have any memories and experience that you want to share, please message or email us so that we can share it to the everyone.

If you want to contribute in other ways than the listed above, you can always contact us.