Who are we?

St. Xavier’s College – Alumni is an organization that connects the graduates with the college and spreads their goodwill to the society and eventually the country. It has been organizing various activities and collaborating with various other institutes in aiding what can be done to live up to the Xavierian spirit of excellence, leadership and service.

Our Objective

Our objective is to connect the alumni and the institution, support their development and to spread their goodwill to the society preserving the institution’s motto of ‘Dedicated to Leadership, Excellence, Service’.

Events Timeline

  • 25th May : First Plus Two Meeting (A brief introduction and importance of alumni was explained by Nirmal Sir, the then Principal Fr. Augustine and Vice-Principal Fr. Vijay on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the college.)
    28 th May : Second Plus Two Meeting (A committee formed consisting of Saloni, Kishor, Alok, Prashant, Dakshata, Utsav and Sudin solely to organise Alumni Day in presence of Fr. Vijay, Sudhakar Sir and Nirmal Sir)
    28th May : Social Work Alumni Meeting


  • 18th January: Hike to Champadevi
    23rdFebruary: International Studies (a career counselling program related to foreign studies)
    4th April: String for Smiles (A charity concert for the establishment and management of a community library)
    7th June: Alumni Day


  • 14th February: Cycle Rally
    7th November: Navakshitiz (cultural charity event collaborated with USM)
    25th December: Alumni Day


  • September: Library Project and Satellite Group in BPKIHS,Dharan
    29th October: Hike to Chandragiri
    16th December: Alumni Dinner and Strings for Smiles
    25th December: Alumni Day


  • 25th March: Cycle Rally (Cycle Rally organized by Richa Bajimaya Foundation)
    17th December: Hike to Sundarijal
    30th December: Alumni Day and Dinner


  • 18th August: First Paper Quiz (organized in collaboration with Humanity Is Still Alive (HISA))
    15th September: Stress Management Workshop
    5th November: Deusi Bhailo Program
    29th December: Alumni Day and Dinner: (Also the formation of the official Adhoc committee)


  • 14th December: AI Through The Lens Of HCI (AI workshop and networking session for Bachelor and Master students)
    28th December: Alumni Day
    4th January (2020): Alumni Dinner


  • 22nd February: SXC Alumni Sports Meet (A friendly sports competition among the graduates)
    27th February: Interaction with Reverend Superior General Father Arturo Sosa, S.J.


The Present

As of now, we have registered around 3000 alumni, have been tracing and retracing all the batches in all way possible. We have created platforms for alumni to connect and keep ties with the college in order to carry out any various activities. Currently we have a team with dynamic individuals who are dedicated to provide form and structure to the association.

The Future

We will continue to align the association’s values to the institution and help all the alumni to stay connected to their roots and live a better life. We are thriving to be a more structured organization so that it can keep on thriving on a system rather than a group of individuals. We will keep on tracing the alumni till we have abundance of information on alumni in different career and paths of life so that we all can stay connected and build a wider network.