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  • SXC Alumni Newsletter | October 2020 | Volume 1 Issue 2
    We present to you the second issue of SXC Alumni Newsletter. We hope that the newsletter fulfills the purpose of making you updated and connected with the association. If you have any articles that you want to get published in the upcoming newsletter, please email the article to us at alumni@sxc.edu.np SXC Alumni Newsletter |…
  • SXC Alumni Newsletter | July 2020 | Volume 1 Issue 1
    We present you the first issue of SXC Alumni Newsletter. We believe the newsletter will provide all of us an update of what we all have done and will help us stay connected. We intend to publish the newsletter at a regular interval. Feedbacks and suggestions are highly encouraged. Contact us for any. SXC Alumni…
  • Mapping Initiatives / Businesses
    If you have any business or an initiative that has the possibility to make an impact in the society ,or if you know any initiative or business that the alumni is known to do, please let us know by filling up the form below. This is intended to promote the initiative in platforms as much…
  • Possibilities of The Digital World
    With the pandemic on the rise keeping thousands of lives in stake, now staying home has been a dire need more than ever. While some people find it extremely painstaking to just remain confined in a small space, why don’t we look at it as an opportunity to see the world in a different light?…
  • Mapping Alumni Initiatives
    Dear Alumni, We know it has been a hard time for all of us and we hope everyone is safe and sound. We have taken up an initiative to collect information regarding any initiative that our alumni have taken that makes an impact on society and/or is useful to society. It doesn’t necessarily have to…

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“Being part of the Alumni Day Organizing Committee after its hibernation in 2013 felt like resurrecting an old tradition with immense care to not lose its value. Those 2 months of working together, I became much closer to my friends and juniors than the 2 years I spent in college. All in all, it gave me memories to cherish my lifetime.

– Radip Tandukar, Plus Two Batch 2011- 2013

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