Getting Involved

We have many activities and projects being initiated and being organized. You can support us by being involved by volunteering, sponsoring or becoming a partner. For getting involved and for details, please contact us.


We organize several programs to connect and help alumni. Moreover, the programs are organized to aid the less privileged societies. Volunteer with us to manage the programs.

Become an active member

All the graduates are the members of the Alumni committee. And we have and are constantly working to increase the services we offer at a discounted rate or for free. Please apply for an Alumni Membership Card to avail many of the services. Visit the college to do so.

View the services at THIS LINK.

Financial and Value-Added Support

We run several events and have several plans. And very few programs that go well without financial matters. For details on how to support, please contact us.

Donate your skills

If you are a writer, write for us. If you can make videos, make one for us. If you can do something creative, let us know and we can work together.

Connect with Us

Talk to us, feel free to share with us. Help other alumni you know to connect with us.