We have been organizing various activities and collaborating with various other institutes in aiding what can be done to live up to the Xavierian spirit of excellence, leadership and service. Please help us organise such activities. Check the page Getting Involved for details. The successfully conducted activities are listed below.


  • 013.10.26 Changa Chet [in association with USM club]


  • 014.01.18 Hike to Champadevi, Kathmandu
  • 014.02.23 Career Counseling: International Studies in the US
  • 014.04.05 Strings for Smiles – a musical charity concert [in association with FocusEd Nepal]
  • 014.06.07 SXC Alumni Day
  • 014.12.25 SXC Alumni Day


  • Hike to Phulchoki, Lalitpur
  • 015.02.14 Ride Against Cancer [in association with Richa Bajimaya Memorial Foundation]
  • 015.11.07 नवक्षितिज: आशाका किरण [in association with USM club]
  • 015.12.25 SXC Alumni Day


  • 016.01.16 Hike to Pilotbaba Ashram, Bhaktapur
  • 016.09.24 Library Project materials Distribution in Dharan [in association with FocusEd Nepal] and Satellite Group Initiation in Dharan
  • 016.11.29 Hike to Chandragiri, Kathmandu
  • 016.12.16 Alumni Charity Dinner
  • 016.12.25 SXC Alumni Day


  • 016.03.25 Ride Against Cancer [supported Richa Bajimaya Memorial Foundation]