The Sparks

The initial flaming of the alumni activities started mid-May 2013, the silver Jubilee Celebration Year, with the meeting with the interested the then recent graduates of Plus Two (Batch of 2013). The meetings were done in presence of the then Principal of the college, Fr. Augustine Thomas, S.J., the then and current Vice-Principal, Fr. Vijay Toppo, S.J., Nirmal Krishna Shrestha, Sudhakar Pant, Nirjan Duwal, and some senior alumni. Meeting had around 50 graduates in the initial meetings.

Several Meeting were held which encompassed the introduction of alumni to the organizing of an Alumni Day to bring back all alumni back to the college. Although a coordinating team was formed and the graduates were highly enthusiastic to organize the day, due to problems the team dispersed and the work stopped.

The intermediates and reignition

The works of alumni re-begun when a team was formed comprising of recent graduates and current grade 12 students of Plus Two. The team so formed immediately collaborated with the Universal Solidarity Movement (USM) club to jointly organize the “Changa Chet” program on the occasion of Dashain and Tihar at St. Xavier’s Jawalakhel on 26 October 2013. On 18 January 2014, a hike was organized to Champadevi.

On a meeting on 1st February of 2014, an ad hoc committee under the presidentship of Alok Shrestha (Plus Two, Batch of 2013) was formed and all the works followed.

Likewise, the committee also organized a program “Career Counseling: International Studies in the US” in collaboration with United States Education Foundation on 23 February 2014. Similarly, the initiation of a project – “Strings for Smiles” was done by organizing a musical charity concert on 5th April 2014, whose funds were just recently utilized to donate at Dharan to the library at slum area. The alumni committee plans to take up with this project further.

The first SXC Alumni Day

The first ever Alumni Day was organized on June 7, 2014. The event had the participation of over 400 graduates gathered together. The event included musical and dance performances, memory lane, museum, flash mob and ending with socials.

While the meetings were ongoing and the plans were being made, the Alumni Day was suggested to be done annually on Christmas day by the then Principal of the college, Fr. Augustine, starting the same year. And since then Christmas Day has been the Alumni Day. A total of three Alumni Day has been organized since then (2014, 2015, 2016) with the same level of enthusiasm.

Since December 25 was no longer a public holiday, Alumni Day was decided to be held every last Saturday of the English Year (except on December 31).

In 2017, the former President/Coordinator, Alok Shrestha handed over the responsibilities as the college formally appointed Mr. Manoj MC as the college staff to overlook the Alumni as the Alumni Coordinator.